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Resources for Racial Justice: Home

A guide to racial justice resources for members of the Nobles community to increase understanding, inclusivity and action



This racial justice resource guide is here to support all members of our community as we journey toward greater understanding and action, whether we are just starting to learn or have been deeply involved in this work for years. 

We hope that you take time to read, listen, and reflect on the themes found here. Our goal is to make our communities more inclusive and to awaken ourselves to a future in which we don’t hesitate in confusion, frustration, or fear, but instead search for and uproot each seed that restricts us from achieving our collective dream of freedom and justice. 

This collection of resources is only the start. Some of the titles may cause us discomfort, but let’s challenge ourselves to read them anyway. Here is where we might all begin to learn and explore, but it should not be where we end—our voices and actions matter. 

Stay safe and well. We are with you.

Accessing Resources

Access Notes for Students and Employees: 

  • If you need digital access to any of the books please email and we will purchase the book on Overdrive if it is available. You will then be able to download it to your device for free.
  • If any of the links to articles are not accessible, behind a paywall, or require a subscription that you don’t have, please email so we can help you get access. 
  • If you would like to purchase any of the books listed on this resource we recommend purchasing them from Frugal Bookstore, Boston’s only Black-owned bookstore, if possible. You can also purchase them from, where some of the proceeds will go to local independent bookstores. 

Asian American Anti-Racist Resources

Following up on Dr. Hall’s email about our need to lean in and understand more after the shootings in Atlanta, we wanted to share some resources about the history of Asians in the U.S. and discrimination they face, in order to contextualize what it means to say "Stop Asian Hate."

We know that Covid-19 has led to the scapegoating of Asians, which has led to a spike in racist acts in the past year. However, discrimination against Asians in the U.S. has a long and painful history. In the coming weeks, the DEI team will continue to work with the Nobles librarians to add additional resources to combat anti-Asian racism.

Please click on the image #StopAsianHate above to access the current collection of resources; we appreciate your understanding as it is a work in process and we welcome your suggestions of additional resources for consideration.

Wondering where to start?

In this document, created by seminarians and students at Princeton Theological Seminary, you can find a scaffolded approach to approaching antiracist learning. Many of the resources found in this document are also in this guide; some are not. Please reach out to the library if you are having trouble accessing any of these resources.

Racial Equity Tools Glossary

Racial Equity Tools - Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race ...

Racial Equity Tools is designed to support individuals and groups working to achieve racial equity. This site offers tools, research, tips, curricula and ideas for people who want to increase their own understanding and to help those working toward justice at every level – in systems, organizations, communities and the culture at large.

The site's glossary is especially useful in learning the terms and vocabulary found in many of the resources on this guide. Learn more and check out the glossary here.


If there are resources for this guide you would like to submit for review, including ones you have found useful and want to share, please reach out to We value your suggestions.