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Mental Health and Wellness at Nobles: Apps / Websites

Find resources to promote wellness and mental health, especially for the Noble and Greenough School community. Your suggested additions, improvements and changes are always welcome.

For Immediate Help

If you or someone you know is in danger of self-harm, please call 911 or the Suicide Prevention Lifeline right away: 1-800-273-8255. Anxious about Covid-19? Text HOME to the Crisis Text Line at 741741.

Websites to Check Out

Seize the Awkward: The Ad Council's suicide prevention PSA campaign, delivered with humor, offers conversation starters and guidance for those concerned about the emotional or mental state of a friend or loved one. You can also view videos of young people sharing their personal stories of struggle and success. 

10% Happier: Dan Harris' subscription-based resource promotes "meditation for a happier, healthier you" through partnerships with leading mindfulness experts. Through the app, books, podcast, blog, users gain access to guided meditations, daily reminders and personal coaching.

Mindfulness Apps

Guided meditation and mindfulness for a calmer life and better sleep.

Techniques for better sleep and to reduce stress.

Meditation and mindfulness for busy people.

Stop, Breathe and Think
Guided meditations to grow mindfulness and compassion.

10% Happier 
Improve sleep, relationships, mindfulness..and learn to become 10% happier.

Stay off your phone and focused on your work.

MyHuddle Page and Toolbox

My Huddle logoMyHuddle provides mental fitness and wellbeing training for student-athletes and coaches to help you build a mental toolbox for optimal health, wellness, and performance.

MyHuddle has been partnering with Nobles athletics as a "mental fitness" resource where students and coaches can get helpful tips and learn ways to manage possible performance anxiety and help manage the potential stressors that come with school, sports, and life as a whole.

Now, if you are a coach or student-athlete, you can go to for free, and create your login using your Nobles email.

This guide provides information for the Nobles community about where to go and who to talk to for support, and our counselors are always happy to help. That said, as with anything health-related, we urge you to seek professional advice. Some of the resources (books, multimedia, facts) may be triggering for individuals in the community. For assistance and advice, please reach out to a mental health professional.