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Mental Health and Wellness at Nobles: Clubs / Orgs

Find resources to promote wellness and mental health, especially for the Noble and Greenough School community. Your suggested additions, improvements and changes are always welcome.

The Body Positive logo​​​​The Body Positive Nobles: The Body Positive Nobles (BPN) is a new initiative on campus aimed at supporting conversations around body image, cultural and social ideas of bodies, and more. The Body Positive Nobles is a program dedicated to combating and ending the harmful consequences of negative body image through skillful dialogue groups and training sessions devoted to identity work and leadership activities. BPN will reimagine the ways we talk about our bodies while also examining social, cultural, and systemic forces shaping our relationships with them. The club will have a social justice component as well as a personal component honoring the body. This group is open to students of all genders, body shapes, and sizes, and backgrounds. BPN will meet on Wednesday mornings at 8:25 during club meeting time. Meetings will include discussions and activities. Participants may also access the online Body Positive training course for free. If you are interested in learning more, please email Lisa O'Connor, Efe Osifo or Jen Hamilton in the middle school, and Lisa O'Connor or LaTasha Sarpy in the upper school.

Boys varsity basketball huddleAthletes United: Athletes United is a student-run advocacy club that focuses on reducing the stigma around mental health challenges for athletes and raises awareness for student-athlete mental health. This club aims to empower athletes to improve mental health together, and will meet on Wednesday mornings at 8:25 during club meeting time. For more information, please email Mark Spence.

Grace Smith and Saffiyah Coker make posters for Nobles Heads Together in 2019Nobles Heads Together: Nobles Heads Together (NHT) is a student-run club that focuses on mental health and wellness at Nobles. One of the club's missions is to lower the stigma surrounding mental health issues within the Nobles community. We feel that the best way to do this is to promote discussion about mental health issues. As our community becomes more comfortable with these conversations, we hope that students will find it easier to reach out for help when they need it. Meetings take place during clubs and orgs time in AC 201. Meetings will include discussions, videos, and expert speakers. For more information, please email Jen Hamilton.

Come and Learn Mindfulness (CALM): Please join Kate Harrington for 20-minute virtual guided meditations to let go of stress through guided relaxation and mindfulness meditation. Everyone is welcome! CALM will meet on Days 5 and 7 (except for Wednesdays) at 9:40 a.m. 

All sessions will be virtual, and there’s no verbal participation required, so you can join from anywhere— just hop on the call and relax! Click here to join. To learn more, please email Kate Harrington.

NOTE: On weeks where Day 5 or 7 falls on a Wednesday, CALM will be canceled for that day due to the altered schedule. 

Neurodiversity Alliance: 

Are you curious about Neurodiversity? Do you want to learn from one another in an inclusive, supported space?

Join us for the second Neurodiversity Alliance Space meeting!

When: Please watch weekly newsletters for specific dates; this group meets during small affinity spaces, about once per quarter
Where: The Learning Center, Shattuck 131
What time: 9:35am-10:40am

This is an alliance space where we will come together and discuss:
strategies for success,
tips for learning,
how to live, work and learn with a variety of neurodiversity and
raise awareness and celebrate the diverse ways our brains work.

This space is open to our entire school community.